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Investments & Savings

There are many different types of investments and savings plans, whether you have a lump sum to invest or wish to start saving for the future.

Our expertise means we can make sure your money is working as hard as possible for you.

And unlike some advisers, we're not tied to recommending the products of just one company.

Before recommending an investment strategy, we'll find out your aims and your attitude to risk. Then we can advise which product/s are most suitable for your needs:-

  • ISAs and other tax-free investments
  • Investments such as Unit Trusts and OEICS
  • Investment Bonds
  • Direct investments into shares or corporate bonds
  • Savings Plans
  • Child Trust Funds

Investments are different from savings - they are typically designed for the longer term and involve different types of risk.

All investments carry a degree of risk and we at PJ Mortgages (UK) Ltd can help you make the right decision.

Please remember that investments may fall as well as rise and are not guaranteed. You may no get back the money you invested.

Junior Individual Savings Accounts

Junior ISAs are tax-free savings accounts available to under 18s to allow them to save or invest up to £9,000 in this tax year.

  • All returns will be tax free.
  • Funds placed in the Junior ISA will be owned by the child and will be locked in until the child reaches adulthood.
  • Investments will be available in cash or stocks and shares.
  • Yearly contributions will be capped.
  • There will be no Government contributions into the account.


Junior ISAs are aimed at providing parents with a simple and tax-free way to save for their child´s future.

Whether your children want to go to university, travel the world, make their first step on the property ladder or have the wedding of their dreams it makes sense to start investing for their future now. We all know that once they grow up the world will be more expensive than ever.

If you start now you will be in a position to give your children a good financial start in life.

Savings Plans

Interest rates change regularly, it is therefore important that you don't just put your money away and then forget about it.

Check them regularly to ensure you are still receiving a competitive rate of interest.

There are many different types of savings vehicles to suit different people's needs.

Whether you wish to review your current savings or start saving now we can help you find the best vehicle to match your needs.


Whether you want to invest a lump sum for growth or to provide you with an income we can help.

The bond market is vast, we can advise you on what product is best to match your needs and investment risk.

Bonds are viewed as medium to long term investments.

Unit Trusts

A unit trust is an investment where your money is pooled with other investors, so there is a large pot of money to buy a wide spread of investments.

By spreading your money in this way, you have access to a wider range of investments than would usually be available to a single investor. It can also help reduce risk.


As ISA is a tax-efficient Individual Savings Account, which was introduced by the Government on the 6th April 1999 to replace Personal Equity Plans (PEPs) and Tax Exempt Special Savings Accounts (TESSAs).

The maximum ISA investment for the 2020/21 tax year is £20,000.

There are now just two types of investment basis for ISAs:

Cash ISAs work like a savings account with the added benefit of tax-free interest.

Stocks & Shares ISAs allow you to invest in funds and the stock market, for example.

There are rules governing contributions and withdrawals.

For example you can save £10,000 within a Cash ISA and £10,000 within a Stocks & Shares ISA. Alternatively, you can save the total allowance of £20,000 within a Cash ISA or a Stocks & Shares ISA.

Withdrawals maybe permitted subject to the type of ISA you take out.

If you invest your full allowance during the tax year and then withdraw some monies you will not be able make any further contributions to your ISA within that tax year.

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